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Duplicating Keys

Car key replacement near me



You've lost your keys and now you need a replacement. What to do now? A mobile automotive locksmith can come out to your location to make your a new one the key and get you back on the road replacing your car keys and fobs.

At some point in time a key could be stolen dont freak out let us create you a new factory key and delete the old transponder transmitter chip out of the system a car works with this system that sends a signal to the Ignitions electrical harness when in proximinty of the steering wheel. When you call a locksmith they shoudl be familiar with how these work.

Alot of the times people like to cut there own keys from there local box shop, we can let you know most stores wont cut your keys if they're newer and or a high security laser cut keys or basic car keys. Some times they just trace the key and if they do this it may fail and you could have a broken key stuck in your ignition and have to get a car key replacement in tucson.


Who you should call when your key is broken is a auto key specialist, for a key extraction service they should be able to remove the key without damage and copy or replace key for you by eye sight alone saving you from needing ignition repair. The cost of a new key could save you money from having to tow it home, also your Insurance may even cover the cost of a new one

Car Key Programming

Copy Car Key

Duplicating Keys

Need a new key?

Our auto locksmiths are constantly upgrading there tools and skills in the automotive ignition service industry, wheather you need to open locked car doors or replace your lost car keys, transponder keys are becoming harder to access as of now in 2022 make sure your car locksmiths can confirm correct parts and supplies needed to complete the job at hand.


There are so many different options for a ignition control unit we could try to explain all day if you want to hear more on what we know about ignition programming for cars check out or find us at

If you were lucky enough to come accross this page on google you may have found one of the best locksmith in Tucson,AZ when calling us you know that we are owner operated that comes with its own set of challenges. Sometimes there are part shortages, Our goal is to carry atleast one of the 100s of different keys to be able to service you the same day and asap.

If that exact key is not readily available with a remote we maybe at the very least able to get the car to start then work on getting a fob remote replacement due to chip shortages or which ever challenges we may see in the future we will work diligently to exceed your expectations if the parts are not on hand we can usally have a key order request to us within 24 hours and have that key in your hand back to driving your car again for most domestic and imports. Depending on parts cost we may request a small deposit on a hard to find part or one off key.

Key Duplicates
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