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What are High Security Locks?

Locks are graded from grade 3 ~ 1 three being your everyday Lock we are used to on most Residential homes grade 3 locks are build to handle around 200k Turns of the cylinder best needing service these type of locks should be upgraded to grade 2 so that they become anti bump the lock grade 2 are not for Commercial applications you can find grade 2 locks online from suppliers grade 1 can be used on your residential can cost more and usually not seen on most home there are different key cylinder options like multi-locks that are cut diffently If you are worried about your security let us upgrade your door security always lock your deadbolts when leaving your home thievs can easily get into your home from the frame of your goods or other ways all too quickly if your looking to upgrade your Deadbolts or knob locks you can do your own start by adding 3/4 inch screws into the side of the door will make the doors stonger from being kicked in you can even buy locker strikes on the door frame to be able to distribute where the force will be if your concerned to keep you doors locked at night get a latching lock system installed that locks from the inside they have been upgraded over the years to work alot better and secure your home from bruit force entry. If you are around Tucson Area and you want to have you Locks to be more heavy duty Call Us 

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