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Rekey Your Car Locks

what is rekeying A vehicle?  Need to get you vehicles locks rekeyed, The On Call Locksmith would start by taking out all the locks by removing the cover from the ignition housing then removing some important parts out of the way in front of the ignition lock cylinder carefully making sure not to damage any valuable parts, also when extracting the lock If no key is present can take a little more time. A locksmith near you can come out and create A new factory key if all the keys are lost. Rekeying the lock is when we are able to take the lock apart to change the pins and springs inside and the other locks in the doors may need to also be removed carefully. Not to damage any of the tail locks or clips holding the door locks together,  these locks must then have there wafers or pins removed and reinstalled to a new set of numbers or combination a common need locksmith customers this service is needed when maybe your car key was lost or stolen. Sometimes this type of job can be fixed thru your insurance coverage or paid in emergency situations another option is replacing the locks with A new set already cut and ready to be programmed. A transponder will need to be paired to the car to be able to start the vehicle. Hopefully this is not the situation, but if your located in the Tucson area we maybe able to take on the project. Let us know what the year, make and model is so we can give accurate estimate if you have any questions fell free to reach out.

In the car service
In the car service

Remove locks

The panel on the inside of the door will need to be removed a few clips and screws holding the paneling in and a few trim pieces being careful not to damage these parts then with special tool the locks can be removed form the inside of the door may need to adjusted to reinstall properly our technician are careful to not damage clips that may hold the door in place these clips can break in the process for a person attempting for the first time some panels are more difficult to remove also some of the moldings will need to be removed with tools that a automotive locksmith carries to complete this type of job

Rebuilding Rekey Ignition

The lock will be completly disassembled and cleaned and checked for any damages maybe the ignition is stuck and won't turn this is common with High Security locks like Honda Ignitions these locks can lock up at the worst time can become  this can happen from the key bumping the lock or forced into the cylinder and the inside wafers have become bent or damaged leaving you suck and needing a tow truck home and expensive trip to the dealership if your ignition is stuck call me 520-442-5008  this is a common job for a experienced locksmith to do we don't recommend attempting to repair a Honda Ignition on your own many things could happen and parts could be lost or misplaced if you don't know what your doing let or Locksmith provide the service you need.

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