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Picking a Lock

We are a locally owned locksmith company in Tucson. Owner opperated we would like to provide service for your commercial business if you manage or own one of these business we install locks on apartment complex, restaurants, property management company, contractors, business oweners, medical buildings, retail stores, grocery store, convenience store, smoke shops, automotive shop, universities just to name a few

Commercial Rekey

Are you looking for a lock change or rekey service at a affordable rate  we rebuild locks either on a  building or office we are not the cheapest we do great work  A rekey  Service consist of removing and rebuilding locks we take the pins out and put new pins in so that a new  key will work in the locks that you have  on a new combination the old key will no longer turn a cylinder On Call Locksmith provides A professional rekey service

Master key

Would you like to have multiple keys to open the doors for your business. A master key rekey is what your looking for 

Lock Installation

Changing a Commercial lock is essential for any business if you have a deadbolt, lever lock, cabinet lock, push bar or glass door latch lock we offer a variety of options for your commercial business you should starts with having the right person working on this type of system maybe your key was lost and or a security issue prompted to call us 

Commercial Rekey

Rekeying locks is taking out the pins in the tumbler lock so a new key can work the lock we all know in  business every minute matters you could be a real estate agent locked out of a property or a doctors office opening up shop is top priority  we are reliable and have a tech ready to rekey the cylinder  we bring specialty tools to change commercial locks

Door Closers

Installing a Door closer is considered a fresh install, this type of equipment works on a hydraulic swing arm. We would need to align the new part and adjust it to how fast or slow the door will swing open or close no more door opening from the wind or slamming into your  employee's and  customers


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