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Laser Cut Key

One of our proudest tools that we use is our Automotive Key Cutting machine, that also cuts laser cut keys. These days we can cut these very keys so your wondering. What is A laser key? lets start with what a Normal key is so most of us might know that a Traditional key is cut on one or two side of the key, the laser key is cut in the center of the key or on the sides instead of the on the top and bottom and is more solid than most. As it stands in todays world the major box store don't cut your laser keys. Its best to call a local Tucson locksmith out to your location. Also the box stores are not able to program the keys last I checked another option is you could go to a dealership but we all know what that can become very costly let a ON CALL LOCKSMITH  help you with this service of programming and cutting a laser key. We offer most high end car keys and carry the tools to complete the laser key service. These type of keys started out in the early 90s mostly for high end vehicle sometimes built with a transponder system, also know as anti theft system if you see a blinking light on your dash you may have wondered what that was that was this is the vehicles anti theft system working. The laser keys are visably thicker in size and comes in many different sizes, We have access to either in our inventory or available on order. A laser key can be inserted into the lock both ways and are designed with stronger more solid pieces of metal that go inside the cylinders these require a higher end key machine to get cut correctly. On Call Locksmith looks forward to hearing from you when looking for a locksmith for high security keys. These types of keys can cause more .stress to the key machines we use and tend to be more labor intensive  Click here we looks forward to hearing from you

Laser Cutting

Laser Key Service 

When looking for a laser key cut near me maybe harder to find than you think start of by Calling Us because its essential the provider you do business with can even cut the special chip key type for replacement and key generation like these ask do they have those tools and equipment your looking for. a Locksmith that is trust worthy whom can they get the job done, in a ideal world everything would be easy but locksmiths  work is a challenge that we decided to take on as a career in locksmithing you can give us a call to set a appointment most people think that only the dealer ship can cut a key that's high security we are constantly upgrading our equipment up to todays standards be it open a car you may have know that you can get into a vehicle with certain tools like a jimmy tool but let me tell you before you go scratching up that pretty car of yours call us we are reliable and self motivated individuals if your in Tucson or the Area of let us help you with our quick response time for service if your laser key is not working or has broken we fix broken keys we also work with a few referral dealers in town that love the key service we provide here in Tucson

High Security Key

Many different kind of vehicles use the laser cut key they are becoming more commonly used and seen these types of keys are know  as Laser cut keys or High Security keys the vehicles  we see most commonly using there are Honda, Toyota Kia and Hyundai sometimes these ignitions can get stuck or fail and may need a laser key cutting service is your laser cut key has broken we repaired it if you lost a high Security key you can either tow to the dealership or have our locksmith nearest in Tucson come out a On Call Locksmith can Help you!


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