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Multi Storey Building

Rekey Business

Rekeying your home of office can usually be done smoothly. Best things is we can complete about 10 lock rekeys and installed and rekeyed in a timely manner especially Residential locks common style if you have a upgraded lock like medeco locks they are harder and take more time only certain people are working on these systems some people even have  special training from medeco I know of some people that have there own keyway associated with them these type of locks are very good and hard these type of locks are on Hospitals, medical suppliers and high end car. High end lock being made of steel ic Core lock interchangeable locks that look like a letter 8 are advanced hardware that required a specialty tool to rekey the locks that cost us a bit to be able to do it is in good practice to rekey every year or two anyone could have had your business key out of sight and did not know also protect you keys keep them secure either in your pocket or in a drawer a thief could just read the numbers on a key and have a hardware store cut them a key they could even trace the key with a pen and have a copy to make for later a key can even be made from a picture if you would like to have a diffrent lock installed that's not common that they wouldn't have

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Door Lock Cylinder


Looking to change out the key that you have but don't know where to start chat with us about rekeying those locks a pro locksmith will handle you business with care by rebuilding and re pinning the cylinder and checking the springs Let us know how many copies you would like for your new key in advance to expedite service an on call locksmith looks forward to working with you on your project

Can I Rekey my own Locks?

Do you like to take things apart well we do. Thing might not go back together you would need to pick the lock open in some cases if all the keys are lost in addition you might not have the spare key and pins at you disposal but say you do then you still have to separate the lock removing part after part you could search big brother google and find some parts or maybe amazon but if you need service now dont hesitate to call us we are On Call and could be cheaper and less headache 

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